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Near future of diamond investments

The diamond syndicate around the De Beers group is still very important for the diamond price regulation, but it lost its monopoly position. De Beers has a market share of around 60%, 40% are so-called “outside-goods”, diamonds from mines that work not in cooperation with De Beers. Newly emerging markets in China and India have such a great potential that the diamonds influence the price of all other resources (oil, steel, coal, etc.) in that regions.

India employs about one million diamond polishers. India polishes about 80% of the world’s diamonds. Indian export figures have been continuously rising by 20% each year for the last 5 years.

There is a great demand for diamonds and the mines can’t produce as much as they could sell. The economy in India and China started already to boom and a new upperclass emerges which will increase significantly the demand and the price for diamonds. Diamond prices have been increasing a lot in the last two years, but it’s not an artificial price increase as it was in 1979. It’s an increase in demand of gem diamonds in the world’s market.

It’s unclear whether De Beers will try to slow down the price development. If De Beers can’t stop the price increase, the diamond price could rise significantly in the next few years.

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